Cet article est un traduction de There’s Only One Kind of Medicine [EN], avec l’aimable autorisation de Will Moyer.

J’ai passé les trois dernières années en Asie, principalement en Chine et en Thaïlande. Pendant cette période, j’ai rencontré des occidentaux, beaucoup travaillant dans des ONG et des associations caritatives, qui défendaient des pratiques médicinales culturelles.

Un de mes amis, qui travaillait avec les tribus des collines de Karen, soutenait que leur utilisation d’œuf cru pour soigner les brûlures était une pratique parfaitement acceptable et raisonnable. Pourquoi ? Parce que leurs hommes de médecine le faisait depuis des générations. C’était traditionnel…

We’ve started working on a new app that creates parametric letters to be used inside Prototypo. We’ve adopted Redux to manage its state, and embraced the principle of data-normalization by making extensive use of memoization. When we hit our first performance issues, we realized that the memoizer we used had a very inefficient way to cache results, so we built our own. Today we release memoize-immutable and explain why it’s ideal for Redux and other immutable environments.

What is a memoizer?

The role of a memoizer is to increase the efficiency of a function:

  • it wraps a function to intercept the arguments it receives…

2015 was the year I switched from Gulp to “NPM as a build tool”, then gave Gulp4 a try, then started to learn Make, and finally found myself with four different build tools shuffled among my own projects. I wish 2016 will be the year I relieve myself from the burden of choosing the right build tool, and stop rummaging through config files to remember how to effing build! Oh, hello gulp-shelter!

The “NPM as a build tool” revolution

The guide “How to use NPM as a build tool” was a big sensation when it appeared online, and for good reasons. Developers realized that, with just Node…

Louis-Rémi Babé

My parents were the Pierre & Marie Curie of SEO: you can google me with my first-name.

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